Are you having problems or having a hard time at home, or do you know someone who has problems?  Then you can call us. When you call, you get to talk to an adult who wants to help, so things can get better. You do not have to say who you are, and you decide how much you want to tell. But you can talk to us about anything, and ask about anything. It is completely safe and free to call 116 111.

Adults who suspect that children are exposed to this should also call us. 

Alarmtelefonen is allway open

You can chat with us in English. Click on the chat icon at the bottom right


Telephone: 116 111
SMS: 41 71 61 11
E-mail: alarm@116111.no
From abroad: 00 47 95 41 17 55

There is a contact form available on the website of Alarmtelefonen (the emergency telephone).
If you use this, we will contact you.